Hip-hop mogul Damon Dash is on a "quest for greatness" - and is determined to make his rap empire an international success.

The ROC-A-FELLA founder plans to hook up with the most talented celebrities around the world in order to make his company a international player, and has already started his global campaign by hanging out with soccer superstar David Beckham and his wife VICTORIA.

Damon says, "I'm on my international grind. On my quest for greatness and in trying to take over the world, I affiliate myself with the best from every country.

"So I got with the Beckhams, David and Victoria. I decided to do her album so I did about 13 records. I personally produced about three or four."

And Damon is impressed with the former SPICE GIRL's ability to rap with the best.

He says, "She paid homage to hip-hop. She worked hard.

"The first record I premiered was with M.O.P. Who else could bring together Posh Spice and M.O.P.? We gonna do it real big. We gonna take over pop, rock and everything."

05/09/2003 17:11