Music mogul Damon Dash faces being evicted by his London landlord for allegedly failing to move out of his Chelsea mansion when his lease expired in January (05).

The Roc-A-Fella Records boss is now facing legal action from the $37,000(GBP19,000)-per-month property's owner GRAHAME BOND.

Website PAGESIX.COM reports that after 33-year-old Dash ignored a court hearing, he was ordered to pay $100,000 (GBP52,000) in back rent, $10,000 (GBP5,000) in legal costs, plus $1,200 (GBP630) per day until he quits the house.

Landlord Bond has the right to repossess the property on 29 March (05).

He says, "I find it absolutely ridiculous that someone who openly boasts that he is worth a fortune should behave like this."

However, a spokeswoman for Dash insists there has been a mix-up: "He hasn't been there in five months.

"He left behind some stuff, but nothing he cared about. The landlord should have gone in and thrown his stuff out."

The house was the scene of many a wild party, including a glittering bash last November (04) after the British premiere of movie The Woodsman, which Dash produced.

22/03/2005 22:06