A new album from the group, founded by Damon and animator Jamie Hewlett, has been a hot topic on social media since September last year (16), and on Thursday (19Jan17) a new single finally arrived.

The song, which features British musician Benjamin Clementine and is titled Hallelujah Money, is a melancholic reflection on the current political climate, with the band choosing to release the track the day before Donald Trump's inauguration as U.S. President.

"Gorillaz returns after six years with the apocalyptic 'Hallelujah Money' video, the first taste of their new record which is coming later this year," a caption below the YouTube video of the song reads. "The band has issued this song on the eve of the Inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump to serve as commentary on a politically-charged, historical moment."

The track contains lyrics which appear to allude to some of the controversies that have surrounded Trump, including his proposal to build a wall to keep Mexican immigrants out of America.

"I have thought that the best way to protect our tree is by building walls," Clementine sings at one point.

The video, directed by Giorgio Testi, also takes aim at America's next leader, as according to the website Uproxx, who partnered with Gorillaz to release the video, it is set in the gold elevator of Trump Tower, the billionaire's New York City base.

Clementine is shown in the elevator singing, while images and film clips are projected on him, including footage from the 1954 film version of George Orwell's politically charged novel Animal Farm.

Gorillaz, who are comprised of the animated characters 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and Russel Hobbs, will release a full album later this year (17).