Damon Albarn was tired of fronting Blur when he decided to focus on other projects, according to his Gorillaz partner Jamie Hewlett.

Speaking to the Observer, Hewlett revealed that his ex-partner Jane Olliver introduced him to Albarn in the mid-1990s, adding that they did not hit it off at first.

However, the pair chose to get a flat together when Hewlett split from Olliver around the same time Albarn broke up with ELASTICA frontwoman Justine Frischmann, reports the NME.

"We'd spend hours watching MTV and wondering why everything was so terrible. I think Damon was tired of being the frontman for Blur and I was aghast at how boring most pop groups are when they’re interviewed, "said Hewlett.

"[We thought:] 'Look at them, on television, all sat on the couch with nothing to say'. So we said, 'Let's make up a fake band'."

The pair recently revealed their next project will be a film and stage album entitled Carousel.

21/07/2008 12:58:49