British rocker Damon Albarn has risked controversy by suggesting all drugs, from highly addictive mind-altering substances to readily available medications, should categorised in the same way.

The Blur star, who has previously faced criticism for describing heroin as a tool to aid to his creativity, is concerned about the sale of over-the-counter remedies, and is convinced they could be just as harmful as illegal substances.

Albarn is adamant politicians should take an 'all or nothing' approach to legislation, insisting "all drugs should either be legal or illegal".

He tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "We live in this society where there's mass hypocrisy that leads to confusion and unhappiness. I feel very strongly about the way pharmaceutical companies sell people drugs every single minute of every single day. They can be really life-affecting, brain-numbing drugs and they are completely, utterly legal and no one seems to have an issue. Personally, I think all drugs should be legal or illegal."

Albarn goes on to explain he hopes society will eventually become less reliant on drugs of all kinds and focus more on alternative medicine.

He adds, "Efforts should be made in making everything clean and healthy. There should be a more spiritual, more homeopathic approach and there needs to be more education, more understanding."