Damon and Noel, both 49, were famously fierce rivals as the creative forces behind Britpop's two biggest bands, Blur and Oasis.

However, several years ago, the pair ended their feud and shared a beer after Noel revealed he was a fan of the Blur frontman's animated side project Gorillaz.

Now Noel has lent backing vocals to We've Got The Power (Art Track), an upbeat but sentimental song on Gorillaz's forthcoming album Humanz.

On working with the elder Gallagher brother, Damon told Britain's Radio X, "Its really great, he's fantastic in the studio. It's nice when you see how someone goes about their business. He's great."

The song was originally set to feature vocals from another Blur member, guitarist Graham Coxon, but he was replaced by Savages singer Jehnny Beth as Damon believed the song had too much of a macho feel.

"At one point this song had Graham (Coxon), Noel and me on it and it was sort of heading slightly in the wrong direction," he explained.

"It was becoming almost retro in its sort of spirit and way too rocky for this record so I kind of stripped it right back down again. We play it slightly different live then how it is on the record. It's sort of the song that comes on during the final titles of a film. The climax. I thought Jehnny would take a bit of the testosterone off."

Damon and Noel's collaboration is a marked change from their days of battling it out at the top of the U.K. charts in the 1990s.

Not only were Blur and Oasis musical rivals, but there was a personal edge to their feud, with Noel famously telling Britain's The Observer newspaper, "I hate that Alex (James, Blur's bassist) and Damon (Albarn). I hope they catch AIDS and die."

However, the pair formally buried the hatchet when they embraced at the 2012 BRIT Awards, and have appeared onstage together several times since.

Gorillaz's new album Humanz, which also features performances from stars including Grace Jones, De La Soul and Mavis Staples, is released on 28 April (17). They dropped four new tracks and music videos, including We've Got The Power (Art Track), on Thursday (23Mar17), Damon's 49th birthday.