Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon decided to reform Blur after watching footage of their old performances on the Internet.
The Britpop pioneers announced their return on Tuesday (09Dec08) following a six-year hiatus that began when guitarist Coxon spectacularly walked out on the band while recording the album Think Tank.
But after watching clips of themselves in their heyday on video-sharing website YouTube, the stars realised it was time to rediscover the "magic" they once shared.
Coxon says, "What happened was that I encountered that magic of Blur performances again through sites like YouTube."
Albarn adds: "I went online and watched a load of our old stuff just to remind myself what we were like."
And Coxon is adamant the group's comeback will be a triumphant one - because the band members have finally mastered their instruments: "It should sound better, I can play the guitar better - but that might be a bad thing! When we started I could hardly play the f**king guitar."
Albarn agrees: "I certainly couldn't sing then. We could hardly do anything when we started."