Damon Albarn is terrified of going on tour with Blur, because following the departure of guitarist Graham Coxon he will be expected to sing and play at the same time.

Albarn, who is currently topping international charts with his GORILLAZ side-project, has announced the British hitmakers will release new material with him taking over Coxon's duties.

But he openly admits he falls short of Coxon's fret skills - and has no idea how he will be able to combine his frontman persona with his new instrumental obligation.

He says, "I think the problem is I find it difficult to sing and play at the same time. Graham has always been able to do it. I just can't. I can't put them together.

"By being at the back, I can actually manage it - headphones on, head down, really concentrating. But I can't do that and worry about connecting with the audience."