Damon Albarn's new album features a song he wrote and gave away during a drunken night out with Marianne Faithfull. The singer has no recollection of even writing GREENFIELDS, or handing it over to the British singer/actress. The song appears on his new band THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE QUEEN's latest album. Albarn explains, "ALEX (JAMES - BLUR bandmate) was hanging out with Marianne Faithfull and one drunk, messed-up night with them I ended up in someone's demo studio. Apparently I just sat down and sang this thing into a tape recorder, melodically and structurally. "Then I woke up in the morning not sure about what happened the night before." Faithfull kept the song, and recorded it herself. Albarn adds, "I was slightly upset because she didn't get me in to do it. Apparently I'd given it to her that night. "Late in the proceedings of recording this record, I played the demo and we agreed to do it and then I thought, 'I'll finish it by explaining how I lost this song and now it's come back to me.' It's a song about a song."