British rocker Damon Albarn regrets falling out with ex-Blur bandmate GRAHAM COXON - and wishes they could play a gig together to bring their partnership to an amicable conclusion. The Gorillaz mastermind understands the guitarist has moved on since quitting the PARKLIFE act in 2002, but he refuses to forget the music they made together because as it gave him the chance to pioneer other projects. He says, "I'm not really criticising anyone. I can appreciate where Graham's coming from. "I just think it's a real shame that we've put so much of our lives into it and no one's able to... It would be really nice to do a gig and just have nothing to prove and enjoy playing the old songs and have fun just reliving stuff. "To put a full stop on that, I'll never abandon the idea of Blur because that's what gave me the opportunity to do all the other things."