Damon Albarn has hinted Blur will never record another album - unless former guitarist Graham Coxon returns.

Coxon - who's now enjoying a highly-acclaimed solo career - quit Blur in 2002 following an alleged musical dispute with his bandmates over the direction of their album THINK TANK, which he ultimately didn't play on.

However, GORILLAZ singer Albarn has pleaded with Coxon to rejoin the group they grew up in together - because he can't set his ambitions for Blur into motion until the original line-up is reunited.

He says, "I'm waiting for Graham to talk to me again. I'd love to see if we could make another record. I miss playing live in something that I grew up in.

"I do feel it's a shame that we didn't stick to it. Hopefully, we'll play together soon. As musicians, we need to spread peace and love."

16/05/2005 17:07