Damian Lewis is learning to tap dance.

The actor - who has daughter Manon, six and son Gulliver, five, with wife Helen McCrory - copes with being separated from his family while he is filming 'Homeland' in North Carolina by learning new skills.

He said: ''I'm learning to tap dance. That's what I love doing.''

Claire Danes, Damian's co-star even bought him a Gene Kelly box set for inspiration.

Damian also loves to sing with his co-star Many Patinkin, who used to star on Broadway.

He told People magazine: ''We just break out into a cappella. We did 'Bohemian Rhapsody' together. He corrects me on the words.''

The 41-year-old actor has previously spoken of how close he is to co-star Claire and insists he doesn't get embarrassed when they have intimate scenes together.

He said: ''I always invite her round for brunch - Eggs Benedict is my specialty.

''We don't even get embarrassed about our sex scenes - they're more like awkward adolescent gropes.''