Damian Lewis is respectful to the husbands of actresses he shares love scenes with.

The 'Homeland' star doesn't let his on-screen romance with Claire Danes become awkward and he explained he even spoke to her partner Hugh Dancy beforehand.

He told the October issue of Men's Journal magazine: ''I take it very seriously if someone's husband is coming into a situation where his wife is doing intimate work with another man.

''I go out of my way to make friends and to reassure [Dancy] he has nothing to worry about. That just seems to me like a good common courtesy.''

The actor's sensitivity comes as no surprise, as he also opened up about missing his wife Helen McCrory - with whom he has a son Gulliver, five, and a seven-year-old daughter Manon - when he is away for work.

He added: ''You live with the burden of being gone, that guilt, for the rest of your life.

''And you will rationalize it in all kinds of ways, and I'm really proud that my son and daughter can see that Dad's working hard, making success at what he does.

''You actually have concrete things you can show them.''