Dame Edna Everage has entertained live and TV audiences for almost 60 years, but after a hugely decorated career looked upon by many with fondness, the legendary Australian actor and satirist - real name Barry Humphries - has decided to hang up the purple wig and rhinestone glasses for good, the 78 year-old bringing down his career with a final two-month jaunt beginning in Canberra on June 22nd titled 'Eat Pray Laugh!'
The Press Association reports that Humphries will be bringing to a close all of his alter-egos, with the Dame being his most famous one. "She's a little weary of touring and strange hotels," he'd told Australian radio recently. Dame Edna Everage began life as part of a Melbourne University review in 1955 in Humphries home city of Melbourne. There however he was just Mrs Everage, only becoming Dame in the 1974 film 'Barry MCKenzie Holds His Own,' and it became a title that stuck.