Dame Edna Everage is returning to the Broadway stage next year (09) for a new one-woman show.
The drag-queen alter-ego of entertainer Barry Humphries will take to the stage for It's All About Me on 23 March (09), at a yet-to-be-announced New York venue.
Everage is already stirring up controversy nearly six months before the production debuts - her performance shares the same name as singer Michael Feinstein's new show, which opens just a week later.
In a statement, Everage tells Daily Variety, "While I was saddened to hear that Mr. Feinstein did not heed my sage advice to change the title of his show, I'm overjoyed to hear that he at least took my suggestion to open his show after mine."
It's Everage's third stint on the New York stage - after 2000's The Royal Tour and 2004's Back with A Vengeance.