Dallas star VICTORIA PRINCIPAL has settled a lawsuit with a former maid who accused the actress of pointing a gun at her.
Maribel Banegas claimed Principal fired her on 26 December (08) and threatened to shoot her after she allegedly took too long to walk her pet dog Mei-Ling.
In court documents filed last May (09), Banegas claimed assault, false imprisonment and emotional distress and called for unspecified damages.
Principal fought back with her own lawsuit filed against the worker, who she claimed was fired after damaging a door at her home, injuring her dog and demanding money from the actress.
According to TMZ.com, Banegas wrote a letter of apology to her former employer, which was attached to the settlement.
The letter reads: "I can now understand why you felt that I was threatening to you, which, in turn, led you to defend yourself."
Banegas also apologised for "any unintentional injury to your little dog, Mei-ling".
Terms of the settlement are confidential.