LATEST: Dallas director GURINDA CHADHA has disappointed fans by insisting there will be no cameos in the movie version of the hit 1980s TV series. The Bend It Like Beckham film-maker was appalled by David Soul and PAUL GLAZER's brief appearances in the recent STARSKY + HUTCH remake, and is determined not to allow her project to suffer the same embarrassment. However, she insists the movie will delight fans with its similarity to the US TV series. She says, "Fans of the series will recognise many references in the film. "There will be lots of shower scenes and hayloft scenes with LUCY EWING. I'm not a big fan of cameos. The cameos by David Soul and Paul Glazer in the Starsky + Hutch film didn't work at all; it was all too contrived. So we won't have any."