Dallas actor Larry Hagman still gets stopped in the street by fans who want to know who shot his character JR. Following the surprise death of Hagman's oil tycoon character, a record 350 million viewers tuned in to find out who had committed the crime. The killer was not revealed until part way through the next season, and to this day the show stands as the second highest rated show in all of television history. But, 26 years on, many fans either missed the episode or have forgotten it. He says, "People still stop me and ask the question. I tell them the answer: It was Kristen Shepard who was played by Mary Crosby, daughter of BING (CROSBY). "I was offered a quarter of a million dollars by one newspaper group to reveal who shot me. Of course I was tempted. I'm a human being and it was a lot of money in those days. "The Queen Mother even asked me to tell her. I said, 'Sorry, Ma'am. Not even for you.' She said, 'Oh tell, do tell!' and I said, 'Keep watching: all will be revealed. "I was delighted she liked the show."