Disgraced former Dallas star KEN KERCHEVAL has spoken out about his recent drink-driving arrest, admitting he was "foolish" to accept a few beers at a festival in his hometown. The recovering alcoholic, 71, has been sober for five years when a trip back to his native Indiana at the beginning of the month (SEP06) landed him in trouble. Speaking exclusively to America's the Globe publication, the actor, who played CLIFF BARNES in the long-running 1980s soap, insists he's going to fight hard to ensure he stays sober. Kercheval says, "On the night of my DUI arrest, I had been invited by some friends to attend the Little Italy festivities (in his hometown Clinton). "Old friends I hadn't seen in over a year came up to me to say hello - and a lot of them insisted on buying me a drink. "Foolishly, on this particular night, I gave in and said, 'Yes.' I had three beers." He was pulled over by cops on his way home after forgetting to switch his rental car's lights on. The actor adds, "I feel so foolish thinking I could handle alcohol when I know I shouldn't drink."