Former Dallas star Linda Gray found keeping up with the drinking habits of her character SUE ELLEN tough on set. The actress spent 11 years playing the alcoholic businesswoman in the cult soap and hated drinking the alcohol-free concoctions that were made to resemble the real thing. She says, "Sue Ellen drank vodka which was water. Then she switched to Bourbon, which was Diet Coke diluted with water. It was always flat and at room temperature and I hated it. "I remember one scene at lunch in an outdoor restaurant and I was so bored with this flat Coke, I said to the prop guy, you know what? Let's give Sue Ellen a Martini instead. And he got this really sexy Martini glass and we put an olive and stuff in it - fabulous. "So blah, blah, blah, I do the scene and take a sip at the end. And it was the worst tasting thing, like warm olive juice. Oh God, whose idea was this? Mine. So no more Martini's for Sue Ellen. And I said I can't have that Diet Coke and water any more, so we went back to plain vodka."