The man behind the movie adaptation of 1980s soap Dallas plans to spend a fortune on lavish homes and private jets because the TV series didn't capture the true riches of an oil tycoon's family.

Robert Luketic has spent years researching the project and actually spent time with Texas' richest families. He has declared the TV show's EWING family to be poor relations of real Dallas royalty.

He tells website, "They have wealth beyond your wildest imagination - these people own nuclear power plants, they run their own

healthcare facilities in small countries and, in one family, each of the children have jets, right outside the house."

Luketic is still refusing to confirm his cast, which is rumoured to feature Brad Pitt, John Travolta and Catherine Zeta-Jones, but he's coy about Travolta playing villain JR EWING.

He adds, "I'm not allowed to comment on anything to do with casting on Dallas. I can't even deny that rumour. It's going to be a big cast."

The director will admit, however, that he won't be using the existing Southfork Ranch home, which was used as the setting for the TV soap.

He states, "We're going to build the new Southfork. We're going to build runways besides the house and applying for permits with the FAA (US Federal Aviation Authority) so we can build a temporary tower so we can get Boeing 747s in."

13/07/2005 09:35