Dakota Johnson thinks the 'Fifty Shades' franchise would have entered the record books if all the sex scenes were shot in one day.

The 28-year-old actress has reprised the role of Anastasia Steele for the third movie in the money-spinning trilogy, and Dakota has claimed that because the second and third films were shot back-to-back, they could have entered the Guinness Book of World Records.

Asked about the filming schedule for the love scenes, the brunette beauty explained: ''If we could do all of the sex scenes in a day or so, that would truly be in the Guinness Book of World Records.

''A lot of it was dependent on the locations, and because we shot the second and third film back to back, the sex scenes were kind of grouped in all together for the most part. And some were not in those two weeks.''

Dakota revealed that her most challenging sex scene in the trilogy appears in the new 'Fifty Shades Freed', when she's handcuffed and blindfolded in the infamous Red Room.

Despite preparing throughly to shoot the scene, Dakota admitted that the sensation still came as a shock to her nervous system.

She told Marie Claire magazine: ''The most difficult one by far - I think in all three movies - was a sex scene in the third film where I was handcuffed with my arms and legs to the gate.

''It's like a fence thing that comes down. And I was blindfolded. And it was kind of shocking, because I didn't realise that no matter how prepared or rehearsed I was, when your senses are taken away like that, you can't control the way your nervous system will react.

''So it was really tricky to navigate that scene. It was kind of difficult.''

Dakota also revealed that even though she's now a veteran of the 'Fifty Shades' films, she still finds the sex scenes with co-star Jamie Dornan to be awkward.

She confessed: ''It's never easy. It's not casual and it's not fun. It never got easy.''