Dakota Johnson thinks she's a ''very porous person''.

The 28-year-old actress - who stars as a dancer in new movie 'Suspiria' - has revealed the way in which making the supernatural horror film has subsequently left an impression on her.

She shared: ''I'm a very porous person, and I absorb a lot of people's feelings. And sometimes when you work on a dark subject matter, it can stay with you.

''And to talk to somebody really nice about it afterwards is really comforting, and my therapist is a very nice woman.''

Despite this, Dakota - who is best-known for her starring role in the 'Fifty Shades' movies - has insisted that making the Luca Guadagnino-directed film was not a traumatic experience.

She said: ''It was the most fun and the most exhilarating and the most enjoyable that it could be. So it's not like I ended up in a psych ward afterwards. I just had a lot of feelings!''

Meanwhile, Dakota recently admitted she found Chris Hemsworth's physique very distracting on the set of 'Bad Times at El Royale'.

The Hollywood star joked it was a ''really big mistake'' for producers to film her co-star shirtless in the mystery thriller - which is set in a hotel and features a group of strangers being spied on by an unknown person - because it drew all the attention to him.

She said: ''I think it was a really big mistake to have him take his shirt off.

''Because it's all you can look at. It's so astonishing. It's really impressive. He may or may not do a little dance of sorts. And it's so, so spectacular.''