The actress was catapulted to fame in 2015 when she landed the lead role in Fifty Shades of Grey, based on the raunchy 2011 novel of the same name by E.L. James, which tells of college graduate of Anastasia Steele, who begins a sadomasochistic relationship with Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dornan.

Dakota is set to reprise her role in the soon to be released Fifty Shades Darker, and shares that she's still surprised by the reaction of conservative groups to the sexual themes in the movie.

"First of all, there are some very chic avenues in BDSM (erotic practices or role playing)," she told Vogue magazine. "It can be very beautiful and tasteful, and the materials can be luxurious. But what I admire is the bravery and the honesty of people who get down with it, who aren't afraid to say that they need something a bit more in order to get off. America is still so sexually oppressed."

Dakota, the daughter of Hollywood veterans Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, adds that she is "truly proud" of her work in the "different" First Shades movies, despite the mixed critical response. And she's adamant that her character is a strong woman, with a multifaceted personality.

"This woman is a bada**... She's hyperintelligent and hypersexual and very tough and very loving, and her character has so many different aspects that don't normally make sense in one person. I tried to amplify them all," she said.

When it comes to her own love life, Dakota, 27, remains tight-lipped. Though after ending her relationship with model and singer Matthew Hitt last year (16), she admits to feeling a "little bit heartbroken" all the time.

"Even when I'm in a happy relationship. I don't do casual very well, and my feelings, even the good ones, get so intense that they hurt," she sighed.