THE WAR OF THE WORLDS star Dakota Fanning is having so much fun wearing braces she's now taken to startling house guests with the metallic headgear she has to wear to bed at night.

The 11-year-old actress, who got her braces fitted earlier this year (05), is particularly excited about the metal contraption she has to clamp to her teeth at night, now she's used to it.

She says, "When I first got it, I was like, 'How am I supposed to relax in this? This is impossible!' But it's actually not bad at all.

"Every time somebody comes over I always go and put it on and then everybody's like, 'Oh my gosh! What is that?'

"It's pulling my top teeth out and it hooks to hooks that are glued on my teeth. The more I wear it, (the sooner) I get my braces off."