Actress Dakota Fanning has impressed movie bosses with her acting skills so much, the director of her latest film Hide and Seek felt it would be "insulting" to make her audition for her part.

The 10-year-old I AM SAM star stars opposite Robert De Niro in the movie, which is currently number one at the American box office, and she's now become one of Hollywood's few child actors with enough clout to bypass auditions.

Director JOHN POLSON says, "Given her track record, it would have been insulting for her to read for the part."

But Polson does admit he auditioned 60 other actress before offering the part to Fanning.

He adds, "We thought maybe there's another Dakota. It didn't take long to realise what the playing field was like. She's in a league of her own."

01/02/2005 21:18