Dakota Fanning had a tough time dealing with her swimming instructor on the set of new movie MAN ON FIRE - because he couldn't understand she was only acting.

The nine-year-old plays a swimmer in the film, which also stars OSCAR-winning actor Denzel Washington, and was required to undergo extensive training during her time on the set.

She says, "We were in Mexico for five months and I had a teacher named ALEX there. I had to sustain the swimming for five months so we did it every week. He was very nice. He brought me candy bars and GATORADE every lesson, but he didn't really understand that we were filming a movie.

"I'm supposed to win and lose in the movie, so on the day that I'm supposed to win, he comes up to me and he goes, 'How do you know you're gonna win? How do you know in your mind that you're gonna win?' And I said, 'Well Alex, it's written in the script.'

"And so on the day that I'm supposed to lose, he comes and he goes, 'I think you're gonna win.' I was supposed to lose and I saw him and he was (upset) when I lost."

21/04/2004 21:10