Dakota Fanning is set to meet her boyfriend's parents this weekend.

The 24-year-old actress went public with her beau Henry Frye at the beginning of the year and it looks like things are heating up between the pair fairly quickly as she's to spend time with his mother and family in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, this weekend, according to The New York Post newspaper's Page Six column.

'The Alienest' star has remained relatively tight-lipped on her lover but she did say earlier this year that she prefers to date someone who isn't in the spotlight.

She said recently: ''I've always sort of dated somebody a little bit removed ... I see the whirlwind of [famous] people dating [famous] people and it just looks so intense.''

And, although they've only been together a few months, Dakota is already thinking about getting married and having children - although she doesn't want to rush into it.

She explained: ''I feel most settled when I'm consistently working. I want to direct more and, personally, I can't wait to be a mum. I can't wait to get married. Not yet, but those things are very important to me and I think about them.''

Little is known about Henry except that he lives in New York and studied at the University of Vermont. Pictures first emerged on social media of the couple licking each other's faces and they have since stepped out together publicly.

Meanwhile, Dakota was just seven when she starred opposite Sean Penn in 'I Am Sam' but she believes she's always remained level headed.

The 'War of the Worlds' star said: ''I still don't know how to answer this. I think because I've always maintained that I never felt that I was entitled to anything because I did movies. I guess that comes from my mum. It took her years and years to admit that we lived in Los Angeles .. I just never wanted to make too big of a mistake that jeopardised what I love doing. There can be other reasons that it goes away - nothing is ever guaranteed. But, I never wanted it to be taken away from me because I had made a really bad decision, you know? And I'm also really scared of my mum and didn't want to get in trouble or disappoint anybody.''