The American Pastoral actress has appeared in numerous advertisements over the years, for the likes of AGL and Marc Jacobs, and now luxury footwear giant Jimmy Choo has selected her to front its nature-themed imagery for the spring 2017 range.

Posing at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Gardens in a series of dreamy dresses, Dakota models everything from buckled heels to strappy sandals hand-stitched with flower detailing.

"Dakota has such a nuanced and sophisticated understanding of fashion," Jimmy Choo's creative director Sandra Choi said in a statement. "Unafraid to push boundaries and wear something unexpected. I love seeing someone explore fashion with such maturity and self-assuredness."

The images were launched on Jimmy Choo's website, with an accompanying interview. The 23-year-old actress opened up about her fashion journey, which began at just seven years old at the premiere for I Am Sam, the critically acclaimed movie she starred in with Sean Penn.

"My first red carpet memory is the I Am Sam premiere (in 2001)," she shared. "I wore a satin champagne-coloured dress with capped sleeves. I had a purse that was black patent and shaped like a present, which I thought was very chic. I am sure I still have it somewhere."

She also spoke of her first-ever fashion memory, which involved shoes, as she can clearly recall "clomping around" in her aunt's heels when she was two.

As for her current style, Dakota admits her looks depend on her mood.

"I think I usually have a vibe in mind when I am getting ready and try to execute that as best as I can. I am more traditional than not, but I also like to surprise people, so I try to throw something untraditional into my wardrobe just to keep people on their toes!"