Dakota Fanning, the 17-year-old Hollywood star best known for her roles in 'War of the Worlds' and 'Man on Fire', looks to be headed for New York University. The child star graduated from high school in June and plans to begin her college course this fall, according to NyuLocal.com.
The website, who claim Dakota was seen touring the Gallatin campus last spring, have now found her email address on the Nyu Google Mail system. The addresses are now fully available to anyone with an Nyu account and the "chat" function enables users to find any member of the community. The website, who claim Fanning could opt out of appearing in the directory, also post screen grabs of the email address that clearly feature the name 'Hannah Dakota Fanning'. The Nyu class, enrolling this fall, are reportedly permitted to move into their dorms as early as Monday (29th August 2011) although it is unclear whether the actress plans to live on campus of commute. Fanning joins a long list of celebrities who have studied at the university, including Ashley Olsen and her sister Mary-Kate Olsen and comedian Aziz Ansari. The actor James Franco received his Mfa in filmmaking earlier this year and now plans to teach a module on the course.
It is not clear how Dakota Fanning's studies will affect her career in Hollywood - she has no less than three projects in pre-production, including the thriller 'Mississippi Wild' with Mickey Rourke and ROBERT DUVALL.