Dakota Fanning bought a floral umbrella so she would fit in at university.

The 17-year-old actress knew it could be "weird" when she started studying at New York University because of her fame but did her best not to intimidate her new classmates.

Describing her first day outfit as "black knee socks and these Marni shoes that have a nave velvet bow on them; a black pleated skirt with a white button down and this Alexander Wang sweater that's shorter at The Front and longer at the back", as well as the floral umbrella, she added: "It's inevitable [that people would stare] but it's only as weird as you make it.

"You can kind of walk in and be like, 'Eurgh, God, this is weird' Or, you know, you just walk in like, 'I'm going to school like everyone else and it's going to be great.'

"On my way out of the classroom, a girl goes, 'Hey, I like your umbrella,' and I thought, 'See, it works!' I just developed a little thing with this person that I didn't even know."

Dakota also admitted she always tries to put other people first and hates upsetting anyone, even when they make mistakes.

She added in an interview with Britain's Elle magazine: "I've always been taught that the greatest trait in a person is to put other people before yourself.

"I feel absolutely terrible if I'm late. I have a real anxiety about people waiting for me. I will never send food back at a restaurant, even if it's not right."