Daisy Ridley was ''nervous'' filming 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' as she didn't have close pal John Boyega on set with her.

The 25-year-old actress formed a close bond with her co-star on the set of the seventh instalment of the movie franchise 'The Force Awakens' in 2015, as their characters Rey and Finn spent a lot of time together.

But after being separated at the end of the movie, the upcoming eighth venture sees the pair spend the movie apart, and Daisy has admitted she struggled learning to ''trust'' her new on-screen partner, franchise veteran Mark Hamill.

Speaking at the European premiere for the movie at London's Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday (12.12.17), she said: ''I was nervous going in, because John and I were no longer together, and John is my peanut. So I think more than anything, [I learned] to put your trust in those around you and it'll all turn out pretty well. Putting my trust in Mark and Rian [Johnson, the movie's director] mainly, was wonderful.''

Daisy also admitted that she felt ''more nervous'' going into her second 'Star Wars' venture than she did in 2015, because she wasn't sure how to replicate her past performance.

Asked if she found it any easier the second time around, she said: ''I actually felt more nervous because I didn't know what I was doing the first time around, and you kind of think, how am I supposed to do something again when I didn't know what I did the first time? And I think because people responded so well to John and I together that was a big thing too, thinking how are people going to respond when we're not together. So it was nerve-wracking. But again, as relationships grow and you start to get comfortable, it settles into a wonderful six months.''

But the brunette beauty was able to find comfort in the movie's director, Rian Johnson.

She said: ''He's the chillest guy in the world. He wrote the script and he was chill, and then we went into production and he was chill, just with his crossword on set. And then like he wrapped the picture early and he was chill, and he's still ... I'm sure he's here being chill somewhere.

''He's wonderful. He's very comforting, he has a very comforting presence to have as our captain of the ship.''