Daisy Lowe was obsessed with high-heeled shoes when she was just seven years old.

The British model was overjoyed when she was bought a pair of silver shoes after months of begging her family to let her wear them - though she now claims they were "awful".

She said: "My earliest fashion memory is getting my first pair of heels when I was seven years old.

"I was obsessed with these silver high heels from Marks & Spencer and I begged for them.

"My grandma recently fished out a picture of me wearing them - they're so awful but very sweet."

Daisy is a big fan of shoes, but admits she hasn't worn her new favourite footwear - a gift from her boyfriend, actor Matt Smith - yet.

She said: "My boyfriend bought me a really amazing pair of Christian Louboutin shoes for Christmas. I haven't worn them out of the house yet.

"They're really high, red and white gingham and they're just so pretty."

One reason why Daisy may not have worn the shoes yet is she already has so many in her wardrobe.

She admitted to Closer magazine: "I love my bags but I'm definitely a shoe girl. I'd say I have around 130 pairs. I wear flats most of the time, like French Sole of Topshop ballet shoes, and I'm into Wonder Woman Reeboks."