Daisy Lowe says being a model has made her more "tolerant".

The 22-year-old beauty - daughter of designer Pearl Lowe and Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale - says she's learnt a lot about herself because of her career and has become a stronger person because of it.

She revealed: "I've learnt a lot from modelling. I'm a lot more tolerant. It's taught me to be bold and be true to myself in a massive way. All the times I've been really upset with my fashion choices were when I was letting other people rule over me. It's made me bloody resilient, too, a Trojan, strong as hell, and all the travelling has made me more of an adventurer."

Daisy - who has appeared in campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Agent Provocateur, and was chosen by Karl Lagerfeld to model for CHANEL - also said how she wants more curvy women to appear in ads so more female body shapes are represented in the modelling world.

She told ASOS magazine: "My dream is to see a lot more female shapes in ad campaigns when I look through magazines. My friend was working with Crystal Renn and said she thinks she's only got a 38-inch hip. Karl Lagerfeld said he was going to embrace her womanly shape and then he just put her face on the ad campaign. Girls are starting to have t*ts in pictures, but I think it still needs to be about the curves. Real women have hips and an a**e, yet loads of models in shows seem to have neither."