Daisy Lowe believes her red CHANEL purse is lucky.

The model is superstitious and believes her purse will bring her money, and loves teaming it with her favourite pair of black shoes.

She said: "I love my new red padded Chanel purse. Apparently having a red purse is lucky and brings you money.

"I love my Rupert Sanderson black patent heels too - they go with everything."

Daisy also admitted she can get scared when she's posing for some photos, but has to overcome it to remain professional at all times when she's working.

She added: "I'm a model, I have to be confident in front of a camera otherwise I wouldn't be doing my job. I was modelling with snakes the other day on a shoot and was so nervous but couldn't show it."

Daisy has previously talked about her superstitious side, and said she was once healed by a shaman who burped on her.

She told the Metro newspaper: "I saw an amazing psychic who gave me my inner child back. And I saw another shaman who rolled an uncooked egg over my body and then burped on me - that's the way of releasing your negative energy. Mental. I love shamans and psychic people and healers."