Daisy Lowe loves "bigger bottoms and larger thighs".

The 21-year-old model - who has teamed up with French fashion chain Morgan for her own range Oiseau de Nuit - says she wanted to celebrate women with curvy figures in her collection because she loves to dress to suit her own "womanly" shape.

She said: "I love women with bigger bottoms and larger thighs. I think it's so sexy.

"I'm not big in any way, but I do have a womanly shape rather than the normal model size, and so, of course, I'm extremely conscious of it. I'm reminded of it every time I go to work, so I had to make sure that the clothes were flattering to that shape."

Daisy - who is dating actor Matt Smith - enjoyed working with Morgan because of the freedom they gave her, and also because spending time in France meant she could stay out of the spotlight.

She explained to WWD: "I'd been asked by English brands and they just weren't prepared to give me enough creative control, and Morgan did.

"For the advertisements, I chose the photographer, the location, the hair and makeup people, the models - everything.

"They are literally just my friends whom I forced to be covered in vines and loads of glitter. Bless them - it took them weeks to get that glitter out of their clothes and their hair!

"Actually, it was quite nice for me to come and do it somewhere different, away from the English press. It kind of gave me a bit more creative headspace to just go: 'I'm not going to be judged.' "

Morgan were delighted to have the brunette beauty as their first guest designer because of her affinity with the brand.

Marketing and communications director Herve Bailly said: "She is young and she has this glamorous spirit with a slight rock twist.

"She is not a clothes hanger, but someone who has an opinion about fashion. She has an incredible collection and is a real expert on vintage."

Daisy's collection goes on sale in November.