Daisy Lowe says her mum keeps her grounded.

The British model relies on her mother to ensure her ego doesn't get too big and claims she can always count on her to put everything into perspective.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''When I started out, I'd been off in New York and everyone was telling me, 'You're so amazing, you're so beautiful'. When I got back, the first thing my mum said to me was, 'Wipe that smirk off your face. You have not cured cancer. You're not saving the world.'

''That brought me right back to earth. It's good having an amazing support system that can pull you down when you get too big for your boots.''

Daisy, 25, recently decided to cut out toxic friends from her entourage and feels so much more positive these days.

Asked what the best thing about her life is, the brunette replied: ''That I have really wonderful people in it. I started doing transcendental meditation and it changed my life and got rid of eight of the closest people around me who didn't deserve to be in my life anymore.

''I pride myself on being a good friend and it was really unbalanced and as soon as they got out of my life, I realised all the people left are so brilliant and bright and absolutely radiators of love and laughter.''