Daisy Lowe is being taken on a rock 'n' roll trip across America by new boyfriend Matt Smith.

The 'Doctor Who' star - who was spotted canoodling with the model at the Coachella music festival in California at the weekend - has whisked the brunette beauty away to the Joshua Tree national park in the Mojave desert, on their way to visit her father Gavin Rossdale and her stepmother Gwen Stefani in Los Angeles.

A source said: "Matt was really pleased when Daisy invited him to come and see her dad with her. A meeting with Gavin and his wife Gwen Stefani, who has written to Daisy recently, can only cement things between the couple. They're both looking forward to the rest of the trip."

The new couple are currently camping in the sacred Joshua Tree park.

The park is a famous landmark in the history of music. U2 named their 1987 album after it, the Arctic Monkeys laid down some tracks at a recording studio there and local hotels have been popular with a number of world's biggest rock stars.

Matt decided to give Daisy a tour of the area after she wowed him by playing a track by late California rocker Gram Parsons to him.

The source said: "One of the first things that attracted Matt to Daisy was hearing her sing Gram Parsons while playing her guitar. It really touched him.

"He's a big fan of Gram as well, so it didn't take either of them long to decide they should pay a visit to the park."

Daisy's mother Pearl Lowe fell pregnant after a brief fling with former Bush frontman Gavin - who wed Gwen in 2002, two years after a paternity test revealed he was the model's father.

It is believed her latest visit with Matt will be a "significant" move in improving their father/daughter bond.

The source added to The Sun newspaper: "Daisy and Gavin have had relatively little to do with each other for a long time. They're both still getting to know each other properly, so for Matt to be invited along is a significant move."

Matt has spent a lot of time in America in recent weeks, as he promotes the new series of sci-fi series 'Doctor Who'.