Daisy Lowe has praised her mother's clothing creations for "flattering the female form".

The 22-year-old model - whose mum Pearl Lowe recently designed her seventh collection for British high street chain Peacocks - is thrilled to showcase the line because of how good it makes her figure look.

She told vogue.co.uk: "I love the spotted dress because it's easy to throw on every day for any occasion. Mum makes dresses that flatter the female form."

Pearl - who has created six dresses for the collection - explained her styles are inspired by her fashion icons Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks.

She added: "In the 40s, people had to make their own dresses, so everything was so original and beautifully made.

"The prints, however, were inspired by my favourite singer Stevie Nicks. I predict the black dress with the white lace trim to be another sell out, as it's a follow on from last year's black dress with the lace collar that sold out in a week."