Daisy Lowe ''freaked out'' when she first saw her Playboy pictures.

The 23-year-old British model posed nude for the September 2011 issue of the adult publication and admits she got nervous about her decision when she realised the world would be able to see every part of her body when she was sent the final spread.

She recalled: ''When I got the email with the pictures, I was quite shocked by the last photo and thought, 'Did they have to show that much of it?' I was a little freaked out.''

While Daisy's mother, former rocker Pearl Lowe, refused to look at the pictures, her grandmother encouraged her and urged her to be proud of her beautiful body.

Her grandmother told her: ''Oh darling, if you've got it, flaunt it, you'll be happy about it when you're 60.''

In 2008, Daisy and her then-boyfriend Will Cameron appeared in a documentary, 'Class of 2008', but she insists she would never repeat the experience because she is no longer as ''trusting''.

The brunette beauty - who is in an on/off relationship with 'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith - told the UK edition of InStyle magazine: ''When we were offered the show, we were like, 'We can get paid to hang out? Awesome!' But it was a very bad idea - they twisted everything.

''I wouldn't do anything like that now. It was fun, but now, I'm a lot more careful. I'm a lot less trusting than I used to be, which is probably a good thing.

''I was very open. I like to think I'm intuitive when I meet people. Either I understand your energy and I think you're cool, or I think, 'You're fun, but I'm not going to sit here and tell you my whole life story and be your best mate.' ''