Daft Punk will never remove their helmets in public.

The 'Get Lucky' duo - Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo - are glad to have never revealed their true identities because it means they still lead very normal lives.

Speaking to French magazine Rock N Folk, they said: ''It is hard to tell what would've happened for us without the anonymity. We have no regrets on that subject. We have a normal life. We created those robot personas. We see the next generation appropriating it and it pleases us.

''Last year, the robots made an Adidas ad with the 'Star Wars' robots. Then the robots were in a 'Simpsons' episode. To achieve mixing Ziggy Bolan and 'Star Wars' and integrate pop culture while staying anonymous, it was fun. We both have a superhero ego.''

Although the double act admit it would be possible to pass their suits to actors and watch the show from the audience, the dance pair would never do that because they love to perform too much.

They explained: ''It would be possible [to let actors take over]. But we have too much fun through concerts, it would be dumb to not be acclaimed by 20,000 people!''