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"The score to a fast paced, effects laden Hollywood film needs to be short, snappy and bombastic."You should be a Hollywood producer. The worse thing that could have happened to the film musically is the above quote. Daft Punk's own description of the film shows their understanding of what the composition of the music required:“I think Tron is a good example of minimalism. That’s what we liked with the direction of the new film. It can be huge film, but there’s a lot of negative space, so there’s this certain minimalist approach, that “less is more” feel, that we appreciate artistically.”As with any dark sci-fi, and especially one with as much physical darkness on screen (first natural light we see is in the final scene), having a more upbeat score would create a visual/aural clash that would only distract the viewer, the opposite of the melding effect the music should have.The soundtrack had the right amount of low flourishes and epic climaxes, making it a great experience for the viewer, and probably the composers as well.

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