BUGS BUNNY star GREG BURSON has been arrested by detectives after barricading himself inside his Los Angeles home for six hours.

The 54-year-old cartoon actor - who provides the voices for children's favourites Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and YOGI BEAR - screamed a stream of nonsensical words at cops who were alerted to his home after two women rang them claiming he was holding his roommate against her will.

Armed Special Weapons And Tactics (S.W.A.T.) teams joined the stand-off which eventually ended when a seemingly inebriated Burson surrendered following hours of negotiations. Cops later discovered a collection of guns in his home.

One officer says, "He was so drunk we couldn't tell if he was trying to do one of his voices or was just slurring his words."

Officer RUDY VILLARREAL has confirmed all three women involved in the incident - who were unharmed - lived with Burson.

13/05/2004 02:17