Daedelus' 'Drown Out' And Jel's 'Late Pass' Due Out On Anticon

Daedelus' 'Drown Out' And Jel's 'Late Pass' Due Out On Anticon

We spoil you rotten. Anticon have just announced two albums. That's right, two albums of tectonic sonic heat. Firstly, everyone knows Daedelus. The new-age conquistador of warped electronic grooves is back with his first release on Anticon, and, believe me, it's a total cracker. If that wasn't enough  Anticon's label founder JEL has a record coming too. Hip-Hop out of the trenches, it's hard, gritty and armed with a bass kick that'll rupture your skull. There's a party in the ant hill and EVERYONE'S invited.

There is music that's made from the outside looking in. The textures are vibrant and the beats bang, but there's a hollow radiance at the core. It's pantomime. Then there's Los Angeles' Alfred Darlington aka Daedelus, who has released a dozen albums in a dozen years straddling countless sub-genres. They're united by his insistence on letting his emotions guide the blueprint.

If you've listened to his music, you understand. There is a balance between the direct and the obtuse that can't be articulated in words. This is part of the subtext for Drown Out, Daedelus' most elegiac album. His debut for Anticon is a heart-on-sleeve meditation devoted to loss, coded language, and the maddening failures of communication. And yet you can still bob your head to it.

It can be alternately intense or mellow, melancholy or ebullient, danceable or introspective. Genres ransacked and sublimated include 90s West Coast gangsta rap, rave, classical, jazz, footwork, juke, and the heavy beats that crop up out of the Low End Theory. There are neither speed limits nor straight paths, but there's always a voice and a roadmap.

Daedelus 'Drown Out'  The new Album released 30th September 2013

Listen to Daedelus' 'Paradiddle' here: