LATEST: Reggaeton star DADDY YANKEE has been released from hospital after falling ill with an intestinal virus. The Rompe hitmaker - real name Ramon Ayala - was hospitalised on Friday (08Jun07) for a viral infection and dehydration, forcing him to miss Puerto Rican Day Parade festivities in New York at the weekend (09Jun07). Dr. Javier Perez-Fernandez says the rapper arrived at Florida's Miami Baptist Hospital "very weak" and was suffering from "acute viral symptoms that gave him gastritis and dehydrated him". But the 30-year-old's condition improved considerably over the weekend (09-10Jun07) and he checked out of hospital on Monday (11Jun07) - although he was still fatigued as he was pushed to a waiting car in a wheelchair. Outside the hospital, Daddy Yankee told reporters his hospital stay was "a forced vacation", adding that he would take a week out of his work schedule to fully recover at home in Puerto Rico. Last week his spokesman Mayna Nevarez said: "This is the first time he stops working in three years."