D12 rapper BIZARRE has played down reports he's fallen behind on his tax payments, blaming an outstanding invoice on an accounting mix-up.
The Purple Hills star, real name Rufus Johnson, is accused of owing more than $25,000 (£16,670) to America's Internal Revenue Service (IRS) after his previous money manager skipped payments in Michigan and Georgia.
But Bizarre's lawyer, Jeffery Freeman, insists his client is working with officials to fix the problem.
Freeman tells the Detroit News, "Mr. Johnson accepts full responsibility for this tax liability and is currently working with the taxing authorities to pay the funds due and resolve this problem.
"Mr. Johnson has returned to his old management team, and his tax and business issues are now being handled properly."
Bizarre's tax demands makes Eminem the only D12 bandmate not known to owe anything to the IRS - group pals Swifty MCVay, Kuniva and Kon Artis have all been slapped with tax invoices in recent months.