Cyprus Hills' Dj Muggs To Release Album 'Bass For Your Face'  6th May 2013

Cyprus Hills' Dj Muggs To Release Album 'Bass For Your Face' 6th May 2013

Producer and DJ behind one of rap's most successful collectives Cypress Hill, leader of art collective Soul Assassins, hip hop innovator and production legend, DJ Muggs continues to reinvent with new album Bass For Your Face released on Ultra Music on May 6th 2013.

Having worked with everyone from Funkdoobiest to Dizzee Rascal, U2, and Depeche Mode, the globetrotting hip-hop DJ's production approach gave birth to genre defining licks and produced hip hop classics like House of Pain's smash "Jump Around".  With Bass For Your Face, the Los Angeles producer turns his considerable hard-won skills and discerning ear to dubstep, glitch and electro producing a unique culmination of multiple genres reinterpreted through Muggs' hip-hop vision.

Featuring a crop of talent, from rising stars of hip-hop, a grime legend, and a hip-hop god to an unknown Finnish singer discovered on SoundCloud, it's not a typical hip-hop album, or a dubstep collection for that matter. It's a 21st century hip-hop album built on futuristic dubstep production technique featuring rappers and vocalists operating on the leading edge of the underground. It's safe to say it could only exist in 2013.

Bass For Your Face is a return to the underground for DJ Muggs, who hopes to connect old school beat fanatics with the raw fundamentals of drum sounds and electronic basslines.

"What I tried to do was make this kind of record that real hip hop heads that aren't really into dubstep would like, and show them the similarities that I found in some of the early dubstep stuff. The stark beats, dark minimalistic shit reminded me of the early hip-hop stuff, the T La Rock stuff, the early Mantronix productions-just kicks, snares and 808s. When I'm hearing that, it's the same to me - it's got the same spirit, that underground spirit."

DJ Muggs releases 'Bass For Your Face' through Ultra Music on 6th May 2013.