Cynthia Nixon, the American actress and star of 'Sex and the City', has welcomed a baby-son and named the child 'Max Ellington', reports People Magazine.
CYNTHIA NIXON and fiance Christine Marinoni have welcomed their first child together. Marinoni gave birth to the boy yesterday (7th February 2011).The couple's rep said that everything went to plan and added, "Christine and baby are doing great". 44-year-old Nixon began dating Marinoni back in 2004 and they announced their engagement in 2009. The actress has two children from a previous relationship with the teacher Danny Mozes, 14-year-old Samantha and 8-year-old Charles. Speaking last year, the actress admitted that one reason for loving Marinoni is her 'butchness', saying, "She's basically a short man with boobs. A lot of what I love about her is her butchness. I'm not saying I fell in love with her in a sexually neutral way. I love her sexuality - it's a big part of what I love about her - but I feel like it was her".
Nixon, best known for playing 'Miranda' on the multi-award winning 'Sex and the City', is currently filming the 2011 movie 'Rampart', featuring Woody Harrelson and Ice Cube. The film is a police drama and follows the story of the 'Rampart scandal' in the 1990's.