Former SEX + THE CITY star Cynthia Nixon, SIDEWAYS star Sandra Oh and DESTINY'S CHILD singer Kelly Rowland are revealing all in the pages of American fashion magazine ALLURE.

The trio appear in saucy nude photos, in which they carefully cover their chests and private parts, and reveal why they agreed to bare all for celebrated photographer MICHAEL THOMPSON.

Nixon reveals, "I exercise more than I ever have, my body has more tone than it ever did."

Oh panicked when the magazine approached her with the bare facts of the shoot: "I called my trainer and said, 'You have to make me look perfect in a week.'"

But she's delighted with the finished result, adding, "I'm a double A in a top-heavy society. But I would like to think that I'm made of stronger stuff than what society says being a woman means."

Meanwhile, perfect Rowland admits she hasn't ruled out plastic surgery.

She reveals, "I believe if something falls, and you want to pick it up, then that's your business."

The Destiny's Child singer admits she checked with her parents before agreeing to get naked for the Allure shoot: "Finally they said, 'Well, you look good, go for it.'"

28/04/2005 03:08