Veteran singer Cyndi Lauper is hoping to land a duet with her pal PATTI LaBELLE when they perform at the upcoming VH1 DIVAS concert in Las Vegas.

Lauper will be joining Jessica Simpson, Ashanti, Eve, Gladys Knight, Debbie Harry, Joss Stone and LaBelle on stage at the 18 April (04) event at the MGM GRAND, and she's most looking forward to seeing LaBelle, who sang at her wedding.

She says, "I'm so excited to see my buddy Patti. I'm hoping that we get to do something really musical together that inspires kids."

And while she's honoured to have been chosen for the show, Lauper admits she's bemused at the thought of being a diva.

She adds, "To me, a diva comes from the opera world. It is so demanding from a physical body and requires such special care that the people who embrace it have to demand a lot."

The seventh annual event will include appearances by REBECCA ROMIJN-STAMOS, Usher, Tyra Banks, Tom Jones, Carly Simon and the Pussycat Dolls featuring Carmen Electra.

15/04/2004 01:49